1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q1 2021

The pandemic certainly took its toll on the Metro Phoenix Office Market in Q1.  The numbers tell us it was the worst quarter since the Great Recession (2008): Net absorption (new office space taken by job growth) went negative for the third quarter in a row, at -550,000 SF; sublease space increased at the highest … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q1 2021

The Evolution of Office Space Utilization in the U.S.

Below is an older article (9/2016),  that discusses the evolution of office space.  Why am I sending this now, right after the economy shut down and the COVID-19 pandemic?  Because the points made below can and will show you a couple of key topics that are still relevant when discussing  commercial office design and investment: … Continue reading The Evolution of Office Space Utilization in the U.S.

Preliminary Relocation Process

One of the first questions we get asked when we are working with a tenant is how long the process will take…..The answer is usually longer than you think.  We created the below infographic to show a sample of our step-by-step process, the time it takes to accomplish and decision makers involved.  There is a … Continue reading Preliminary Relocation Process

Your Workplace is Changing

The Wall Street Journal article below is a very good summary of what we are hearing a ton these days: How can I make my office more dynamic and experiential?   As we go back to our offices, simply returning to the old, pre-COVID layout with the same furniture and work methods, is not going to cut it when it comes to competing for new … Continue reading Your Workplace is Changing

Phoenix Housing Market is Pure Fire

In February, I was able to watch the annual Land and Housing forecast by Land Advisors with Founder Greg Vogel.  As usual, they didn’t disappoint with the wealth of great information they shared. I wanted to share a graph that was astounding to me: Resale of houses in metro Phoenix by days. Our team focuses exclusively on office and commercial, … Continue reading Phoenix Housing Market is Pure Fire

What Will Replace the Desk?

It seems like forever ago that the entire work force was sent home from their offices to hunker down and try to be productive while waiting out the pandemic. While telecommuting is not a new word, companies have always considered it an experiment and been very slow to embrace it. For years, telecommuting or working … Continue reading What Will Replace the Desk?

Lease Types and Obligations

In commercial office leasing, there are a number of ways owners charge rent and operating expenses.  We always negotiate how operating expenses are accounted for and charged to the tenant when we work with you on your office lease.  Below is a graphic we created to show the range of lease types and where the obligation resides (with the Landlord … Continue reading Lease Types and Obligations

5G and CRE

I’ve lost track of how many narratives I’ve written about how technology is changing the commercial real estate business. Here’s another one. 5G is on the way and it’s coming fast. What does this mean to the Commercial Real Estate Industry?  Below is an article on strategizing for the arrival of 5G technology. Some of my … Continue reading 5G and CRE

America’s Money Flow

  I recently found a great website with some very cool information and graphs on money flow trends and wanted to share it with you.  Where has America’s money flowed over the last 5 years? People take their money where they think they will live their best life.Turns out that: –Money is flowing out of California at an … Continue reading America’s Money Flow

Returning to Work

I believe (as does Industrious’ Jamie Hodari below) that companies are going to be moving back into the office eventually for a number of reasons I have discussed in this narrative previously. As we continue to get our heads and arms around the pandemic, we still need to work.  Here are a few takeaways from … Continue reading Returning to Work

Countries With the Most Sustainable Energy Policies

I have some global thinking for your narrative today. Lots of thought and energy is going into making the world more sustainable. There are many ways people are working towards sustainability, and below is a graph showing which countries are doing the best job. Here are my thoughts:1—The US is doing a good job (I know, we … Continue reading Countries With the Most Sustainable Energy Policies

Coppola-Cheney 2020 – By The Numbers

Goal setting is what I do and then I track those goals with a religious fervor.  2020 proved to be a crazy, crazy year for goal setters.  Not for Coppola Cheney.  We put our heads down, took care of our clients, made the year about working hard for them and their issues.  After the year ended, … Continue reading Coppola-Cheney 2020 – By The Numbers

1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2020

We are all getting mixed messages on office space use from the media and our own colleagues.  The office market is dead. It will never be the same. Work from home doesn’t work. The market will crash. We’ve already hit bottom. We hear all this and more every day.  We call it The Sandstorm.   What … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2020

FANG Companies Are Driving CRE

FANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet aka Google) are dominating the commercial real estate market—Leasing and Buying.  How much?  Well, they now own or lease almost 600 MILLION square feet of space!!  This is more than all the office space in New York City.  Five times more than just a decade ago.  Read more … Continue reading FANG Companies Are Driving CRE

Tenant Advisory Method

Tenant Advisory and now National Tenant Advisory was formally created in 1982.  Today, office tenants across the US with as few as 5-10 offices in different markets are hiring firms to handle their real estate portfolios.  There are many reasons, but here are a few thoughts on why companies do this:   Tremendous time savings Single … Continue reading Tenant Advisory Method