Three Years Later, the French Solar Road Is a Total Flop

Back in May 2016, I wrote a narrative on the first solar road in the world (read here).  Looks like I was way ahead of the curve on this technology.  It is still coming but solar power inside a road seems to be a long way off.  This road has been a total flop.  Why? … Continue reading Three Years Later, the French Solar Road Is a Total Flop

Working From Home

The trend of being able to work from home is now here for all of us.  The COVID-19 quarantine has forced the issue.  And according to a detailed study by Nicholas Bloom of Stanford, it’s good business.  Bloom did a two-year study on the effectiveness of working from home.  Below is a nice summary from a … Continue reading Working From Home

Green/Healthy Tenant Amenities

It was simply a matter of time before all office building tenant amenities would consider going green.  Below are some pretty cool ideas for office building owners and tenants wanting be more environmentally-friendly.  My favorite is the Margarita—I mean, smoothie—bike. 🙂  See below for the photo.   What else is coming?   – Balconies and … Continue reading Green/Healthy Tenant Amenities

A Decade of Home Building

The last decade (pre-COVID-19) was a lesson in taking the long road.  I remember meeting with a couple CEOs of homebuilding companies every year and hearing the same story from 2009-2012: “Last year was bad but this next year is going to be a lot better.”  This was the message for four straight years.  Multifamily, on … Continue reading A Decade of Home Building

Robotics are Here!

I first commented on this topic back in 2015 (click here to see my narrative and the video). The age of robotics is coming. And last month, it got even closer.  Boston Dynamics announced their first commercial robot is going on sale.  Yes, it will be expensive and limited, BUT it will be a commercially … Continue reading Robotics are Here!

National Debt Growth

Below is the US National Debt as a portion of the economy expressed as a graph. Since this graph was created, we have now surpassed World War II levels of debt, pushing debt to over 100% of GDP.  You can see the most accurate calculation of national debt, which updates every second as it grows, here: The … Continue reading National Debt Growth

New Lease vs. Renewal Breakdown

We represent tenants looking for office space in metro Phoenix and across the US.  Some clients are CRE savvy and others negotiate a lease once every 5 years.  One question I hear all the time is, why are rents so high?  Or, said another way, how does my rent break down?    Below is a cool graphic … Continue reading New Lease vs. Renewal Breakdown

Standoff with a Jaywalker

We are all watching and waiting to see what happens with autonomous vehicles (especially those of us who live in Metro Phoenix as we have a number of companies testing AV’s every day).  We thought they would never come, then we thought they would be here in 2020, and now… here is an update. Turns out … Continue reading Standoff with a Jaywalker

The Speed of Technological Adoption

We know technology is changing our lives.  What is astonishing to me is the speed of adoption.  The second graph in the below article shows just how fast this is happening with new technology—The lines are almost straight up.  Here is why: Today’s consumers want immediate impact in their daily lives. With cell phones and … Continue reading The Speed of Technological Adoption

Parking in Urban Areas

We are in a really unique time for developers and users of space with regards to parking needs.  Planning and building parking today is much like it has been for the past 40 years.  People drive. In fact, 85% of commuters drive to work.  But over the next 10-20 years, I think this will begin … Continue reading Parking in Urban Areas

Brokerage – What We Do Every Day

Managing a national portfolio can be one of the most complex and stressful jobs in our industry. The Coppola-Cheney Group has over three decades of experience leasing office space across the U.S. and Europe for clients.  We compete with national tenant advisory firms and offer unique services that cannot be replicated by these national firms.  … Continue reading Brokerage – What We Do Every Day

U.S. and Arizona Housing Market

I attended the always-fabulous 2019 Land Advisors Phoenix Land & Housing Forecast back in December and guess what?  The U.S. housing market is on a roll and doing just fine, thank you. Bonus: The Metro Phoenix housing market is the #1 market in the country. Why? A decade of not building enough housing to match … Continue reading U.S. and Arizona Housing Market

1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2019

It’s time for us to look back at the Metro Phoenix Office Market for 2019. Readers of this narrative know that I am an office broker who works every day with tenants and landlords as they navigate real estate nuances and opportunities. I (along with my incredible team) am based in Phoenix but work around the country, … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2019

Coppola-Cheney 2019 – By the Numbers

Many who know me know that I’m a dedicated goal setter. (Those who know me really well might say I go a bit overboard.) I set and track goals on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis in all areas of life, from family time to backpacking to even the amount of sleep I get each night. Most … Continue reading Coppola-Cheney 2019 – By the Numbers

Office Space 2020- The Employee Experience- Part 4 of 4

In this final week of my series, I wanted to talk about what companies are doing for their employees.  Yes, we know a few already—meals, bocce ball, corn hole and napping pods all across Silicon Valley.  But what about across the U.S.?  For this I turned to one of our clients and a leader in … Continue reading Office Space 2020- The Employee Experience- Part 4 of 4