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Your Workplace is Changing

The Wall Street Journal article below is a very good summary of what we are hearing a ton these days: How can I make my office more dynamic and experiential?   As we go back to our offices, simply returning to the old, pre-COVID layout with the same furniture and work methods, is not going to cut it when it comes to competing for new … Continue reading Your Workplace is Changing

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Phoenix Housing Market is Pure Fire

In February, I was able to watch the annual Land and Housing forecast by Land Advisors with Founder Greg Vogel.  As usual, they didn’t disappoint with the wealth of great information they shared. I wanted to share a graph that was astounding to me: Resale of houses in metro Phoenix by days. Our team focuses exclusively on office and commercial, … Continue reading Phoenix Housing Market is Pure Fire

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Lease Types and Obligations

In commercial office leasing, there are a number of ways owners charge rent and operating expenses.  We always negotiate how operating expenses are accounted for and charged to the tenant when we work with you on your office lease.  Below is a graphic we created to show the range of lease types and where the obligation resides (with the Landlord … Continue reading Lease Types and Obligations

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Countries With the Most Sustainable Energy Policies

I have some global thinking for your narrative today. Lots of thought and energy is going into making the world more sustainable. There are many ways people are working towards sustainability, and below is a graph showing which countries are doing the best job. Here are my thoughts:1—The US is doing a good job (I know, we … Continue reading Countries With the Most Sustainable Energy Policies

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1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2020

We are all getting mixed messages on office space use from the media and our own colleagues.  The office market is dead. It will never be the same. Work from home doesn’t work. The market will crash. We’ve already hit bottom. We hear all this and more every day.  We call it The Sandstorm.   What … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2020