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A 3D-Printed Building?

3D printing is by far one of the most exciting and innovative technologies hitting the market today. But most people have no idea how far along the technology has come. From ears to planes, car parts to prosthetic limbs, and now entire office buildings, 3D printers are already creating amazing things and disrupting entire industries in the process.

Below is an article about an office building in Dubai made entirely through 3D printing.  

My takeaways: 

–Technology is disrupting not only brokerage but development and construction as well.

–The pace is lightspeed.  In the next 24-36 months, we will see a 3D-printed building in the USA.

–Anyone not looking at these advancements, is doomed. 

Everything we know, we need to relearn. This narrative is part of that process, as is our brokerage business. Let us know how we can help you manage all the disruption happening in your world.



This May Be the World’s First Functioning 3-D Printed Building

May 24, 2016
3D Building

Dubai has opened what it said was the world’s first functioning 3-D-printed office building, part of a drive by the Gulf’s main tourism and business hub to develop technology that cuts costs and saves time.

The printers — used industrially and also on a smaller scale to make digitally designed, three-dimensional objects from plastic — have not been used much for building.

This one used a special mixture of cement, a Dubai government statement said, and reliability tests were done in Britain and China.

The one-storey prototype building, with floorspace of about 2,700 square feet, used a 20-foot by 120-foot by 40-foot printer, the government said.

“This is the first 3-D-printed building in the world, and it’s not just a building, it has fully functional offices and staff,” the United Arab Emirates Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mohamed Al Gergawi, said.

“We believe this is just the beginning. The world will change,” he said.

The arc-shaped office, built in 17 days and costing about $140,000, will be the temporary headquarters of Dubai Future Foundation — the company behind the project — is in the center of the city, near the Dubai International Financial Center.

Gergawi said studies estimated the technique could cut building time by 50 to 70 percent and labor costs by 50 to 80 percent. Dubai’s strategy was to have 25 percent of the buildings in the emirate printed by 2030, he said.

(Reporting by Lara Sukhtian; Writing by Sami Aboudi; Editing by Louise Ireland)


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4 in the Top 20!

The good news keeps coming. Metro Phoenix just landed 4 cities in the top 20 best US cities for finding a job in 2017.  Arizona is open for business.  If you are looking to relocate, or know someone who is, there is no better area than the Valley of the Sun.
Here are a couple other wins:
– Of those 4 Arizona cities, 3 are in the top 10.
– The number 1 overall city in the country for job finding is…………Scottsdale, AZ.
We love Arizona and so do employers.  Last year our team relocated five companies into Metro Phoenix.  If you are thinking of Arizona, call me first.
Rolling in Arizona,


The 20 best US cities for finding a job in 2017

By Rachel Gillett
Image result for business insider
Jan 5, 2017

“New year, new city?” If you’re in the market for a fresh start and a new job, you may want to consider adopting this motto.

But not just any new city will do.

As it turns out, places like Miami and Salt Lake City are better for job seekers than New York City and Los Angeles right now, according to personal-finance site WalletHub.

To narrow down the 20 best cities for finding a job in 2017, WalletHub compared the 150 most populous US cities based on 23 metrics (like job opportunities, employment growth, monthly median salary, and safety) across two key dimensions (job market and socioeconomic environment, with a greater emphasis on the former).

To read more about the study’s methodology, check out the full report here.

20. San Jose, California
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 72
Employment growth: 2.19%
Median annual household income: $53,915
While San Jose has some of the least affordable housing, its younger residents have some of the lowest annual transportation costs and highest monthly median starting salaries to make up for it.
19. Overland Park, Kansas
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 25
Employment growth: 0.14%
Median annual household income: $77,006
With a low number of employed residents living below the poverty line and a high number of them having health benefits, Overland Park ranks No. 19 overall.

18. Gilbert, Arizona
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 83
Employment growth: -3.30%
Median annual household income: $55,211
Gilbert ranks highly for safety (No. 1), employee benefits (No. 3), and housing affordability (No.5).
17. Garland, Texas
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 80
Employment growth: 3.52%
Median annual household income: $52,022
Almost half of the persons with disabilities in Garland are employed, earning it the No. 3 spot for “disability friendliness of employers.” The Texas city is also the eighth best in terms of housing affordability and median annual household income.

16. Minneapolis, Minnesota
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 10
Employment growth: 1.08%
Median annual household income: $47,579
Minneapolis will appeal to both the single job-seeker and the job-seeker with family ties, ranking No. 17 for both. The Minnesota city also boasts the eighth-lowest unemployment rate.

15. Fort Wayne, Indiana
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 59
Employment growth: 5.27%
Median annual household income: $50,782
Fort Wayne’s bright spots: housing affordability and employment growth. It ranked No. 1 and No. 3 in those categories, respectively.

14. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
unnamed 2
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 12
Employment growth: -1.16%
Median annual household income: $44,464
Despite being in the red in terms of employment growth, this coastal city earns its spot on the list with its access to internships and bright economic outlook, which places it at No. 2 in the latter category.

13. Honolulu, Hawaii
unnamed-1 2
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 65
Employment growth: 0.21%
Median annual household income: $32,647
The capital of Hawaii earns the No. 1 spot for employment outlook, based on the Manpower Group Outlook survey, which asks 11,000 American hiring managers about their hiring plans for the quarter. Most of its employed inhabitants have private health insurance, earning it a No. 5 spot for benefits.

12. Miami, Florida
unnamed-2 2
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 13
Employment growth: 0.37%
Median annual household income: $27,650
What Miami lacks in average earnings it makes up for with access to internships and employment outlook, earning No. 1 and No. 2 spots in these respective categories.

11. Peoria, Illinois
unnamed-3 2
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 92
Employment growth: 3.50%
Median annual income: $63,376
With Peoria’s No. 7 ranking for median annual household income, it’s easy to understand why the Illinois city also sees the seventh-smallest percentage of employed residents who live under the poverty line (4.3%).

10. Raleigh, North Carolina
unnamed-4 2
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 34
Employment growth: 0.92%
Median annual household income: $61,213
Raleigh has the second-best employment outlook and the eleventh-best job security and median annual household income.

9. Tempe, Arizona
unnamed-5 2
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 32
Employment growth: 2.84%
Median annual household income: $51,107
Coming in at No. 7 for workplace accessibility, Tempe offers a number of jobs accessible by a 30-minute transit ride. It’s unsurprising, then, that its dwellers spend on average only eight hours a day working and commuting, earning it a No. 10 spot in the “Working and Commuting Time” category.

8. Salt Lake City, Utah
unnamed-6 2
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 2
Employment growth: 2.89%
Median annual household income: $49,007
Ranking No. 2 for job opportunities and No. 7 for industry variety and low unemployment, Salt Lake City is a great place for today’s job-seekers, according to WalletHub.

7. Chandler, Arizona
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 66
Employment growth: -0.02%
Median annual household income: $75,803
Chandler ranks fifth in the “median annual household income” and has near the lowest number of employed residents living under the poverty line.

6. Rancho Cucamonga, California
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 89
Employment growth: 5.76%
Median annual household income: $57,758
Despite its middling amount of job opportunities, this “sandy place” has the greatest annual job growth and a very low underemployment rate.

5. San Francisco, California
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 19
Employment growth: 2.43%
Median annual household income: $46,085
San Francisco may not offer the most affordable housing or the shortest workday, but it does rank No. 1 for low transportation costs and No. 7 for singles on WalletHub.

4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 27
Employment growth: 1.58%
Median annual household income: $56,143
Sioux Falls has the lowest unemployment rate among all cities analyzed by WalletHub and is the fourth-best place for families, helping it land the No. 4 spot overall.

3. Orlando, Florida
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 1
Employment growth: -1.27%
Median annual household income: $43,094
With plenty of singles, access to internships, and the most job opportunities, Orlando is a great place for young professionals to search for jobs.

2. Plano, Texas
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 29
Employment growth: -0.11%
Median annual household income: $83,128
Plano may be in the red in terms of employment growth, but this Texas town ranks No. 1 for the number of full-time employees compared to part-time, No. 3 for disability-friendliness of employers as well as for housing affordability, and No. 3 for families.

1. Scottsdale, Arizona
No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 22
Employment growth: 3.29%
Median annual household income: $76,421
Boasting some of the highest median annual household income numbers and best employee benefits, Scottsdale comes in at No. 1, according to WalletHub. Its access to internships and low transportation costs also helped this Arizona city land the top spot.


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1-Minute Market Update: Q4 2016 Report

The Metro Phoenix office market’s health continues to improve. Net absorption (job growth) of 2.93 million SF mirrored 2015 figures, which helped push vacancy down to 18.6% (from 19.5% at the end of 2015). Overall, lease rates are higher than they were a year ago with a current average of $24.34/SF Full Service. Rental rates still vary significantly between submarkets and product type so make sure you have a good broker (like Coppola-Cheney Group) to help you navigate any transaction you’re considering.
Below is a link to our Lee & Associates Arizona 4th Quarter Office Report and as usual, I’ve included my top 3 takeaways. BUT, this quarter I decided to add 2 bonus points to help you understand the market better.
1. North Scottsdale is hot again – North Scottsdale finished only second to Tempe in net absorption.

2. Small-Ball continues – Aside from a few large (100k SF+) deals, I continue to see a higher volume of smaller and medium-sized transactions in the market.

3. South Scottsdale got too tight for some tenants –  Some tenants that wanted to expand in South Scottsdale, could not, and had to leave.  This submarket remains one of the lowest vacancies in the Valley, and will backfill space quickly.

4. Camelback Corridor under 20% vacancy – This submarket, heavy with financial and professional services, lagged the market for the past few years but now is right in line with the Metro Market.

5. Class A vacancy fell to 17%, the lowest figure in all classes – These days, tenants still have the confidence to pay up for quality space with more amenities.
Have a question about where the market is heading as we roll into 2017? Email me or give me a call. 

PS – We are excited for 2017!  Of the top three sales last quarter, two of those buyers hired the Coppola-Cheney Group to lease their assets (Renaissance Square located at 2 & 40 N. Central and 3200 N. Central).  Call me anytime if I can help you negotiate your office lease or sale, or check out our website for more information

Click Here to Read the Full Office Market Report 
Q4 2016 Office Report