Another Look at the Corporate HQ for Tech Companies

Tech_12_ NY Times

In the beginning of 2014, I ran a five-part series on the new gigantic and expensive corporate headquarters that are being designed and built by the leading tech companies in the world. As we close the year, the NYT ran an updated article (we have included it below) on most of the headquarters we researched. They also had a […]

Cozy in Your Cubicle? An Office Design Alternative May Improve Efficiency

cozy cubicle

Open office design, benching, and cool space layout have been topics we have discussed over the past few years. Below is a very interesting article on the start of the open office space movement and why it failed miserably. Today, we are seeing open office layouts in over 70 percent of new space designs. That does not mean the C-Suite […]

Congratulations to Hivewyre on their expansion at SkySong3!

Hivewyre (formerly originally signed a lease at SkySong3 in July 2014, and now they are expanding!  Hivewyre is an online advertising co-op, and is a perfect fit at Skysong with their collaborative and innovative nature of business. If you are interested in learning more about what SkySong has to offer please give us a […]

SST, Inc. Renews at Arrowhead Business Center


Congratulations to SST on their continued stay at Arrowhead Business Center in Glendale. If you are interested in finding out how Arrowhead Business Center can be the home for your company, give us a call!

Employment Growth – Employer Payroll Survey vs. Household Survey

My favorite economist who tracks the national economy and the US office market is Peter Linneman. He produced the graph below which shows job loss and gain during the recession. This graph demonstrates exactly why I follow the jobs market so closely and why most office markets in the US have been slow to recover. Surprisingly, there are just a few […]

Solugenix is relocating to SkySong 3!


Solugenix is relocating their office to the recently completed SkySong 3 office building. SkySong Center is one the most dynamic centers for innovation and technology where cutting-edge companies come together to collaborate and grow. Learn more about Skysong at

Hilltop Scottsdale gains Guardian Mortgage as new tenant

guardian mortgage

Congratulations to Guardian Mortgage on their new lease at 6929 E. Greenway Road in Scottsdale. The Coppola-Cheney Group represented Furst properties, owner of Hilltop, in this transaction. Furst Properties owns and manages seven Class A buildings in North Scottsdale. Call us to find out more information!

One Commercial Real Estate Tech Industry to Watch Close for the Good AND the Bad

Crowdfunding 1

Crowdfunding has become a hot market for all kinds of ideas, such as the potato salad guy who raised over $55,000 for his recipe (Click here to learn more). The commercial real estate market is not immune to this new trend. With the passage of a new law, there has been a 334% increase of crowdfundings in commercial real estate properties year […]

Spheres of Influence

OIT - 787 Structure Suppliers

Every now and then I see cool graphs that grab my attention. Site Selection magazine ran the below graphs showing the top industries and the top projects of the year (2013).   I found the following insights: –Where companies are headquartered and the size of each company are very interesting. There is some clustering, but not always. –Transportation is driving the […]